Evidence-Based Practice Project (EBP781)

Course Memo

The evidence based practice project requires a minimum of five terms to complete. The series must be started immediately after completion of N732, enrollment must be uninterrupted, and sequential after it is started. The objectives of credits two and five necessitate completion during the Fall or Spring term when all faculty are on campus. Five credits are required and only one credit can be taken at a time.

If the objectives of a credits are not met, the student must enroll for another credit until objectives are met. Only five credits are eligible for financial aid. There are no incompletes. When 10 credits have been accrued and if the project is not complete, an F will be assigned and the evidence-based practice project cannot be completed.

The student will synthesize the literature and evidence to begin development and implementation of an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

Communication with stakeholders and inter-professional collaboration is expected. During this first phase of development, the student will formalize the subject of study, obtain approval from the Project Advisor, and finalize a draft proposal.

During the second credit, research methodologies will be finalized including all tools, letters of support, and other approvals. The final proposal will be completed and approved by the Project Advisor, all committee members, and the Dean Graduate Affairs and Research. The proposal will be submitted to the Institutional Review Board.

During the third and fourth credit, the student will implement the project. Data will be compiled and qualitative and/or quantitative data will be evaluated and analyzed. Conclusions will be made.

During the final credit, the student will complete a scholarly paper and submit it for approval of the Project Advisor, all committee members, and the Dean of Graduate Affairs and Research. The format and content of presentations will be approved by the Project Advisor, all committee members and the Dean of Graduate Affairs and Research prior to the event. The student will complete and present the study at one internal and one external venue. At least one of the presentations will be a poster. At least one will be an oral PowerPoint presentation or a podium presentation.